Homestay under Govt. of Kerala Diamond House category

What we Offer

Quality Rooms

Quality Rooms

Luxury, Space and Comfort

International brands of mattress, A/C and fittings in our comfortable rooms provide you sound and soothing sleep to get up fresh and rejuvanted. Spacious and modern bathrooms.

Homely Food

Freshness and Hygiene Guaranteed

Enjoy authentic Kerala cuisine made at our kitchen and fine cooking experience. Also provides continental breakfast for international visitors who prefer to stick with food they are familiar with

Free Internet

Wifi connected

With free high speed internet and free local and toll-free calls, you'll stay connected no matter where you are.


Nostalgic Sit Out around

Enjoying the beauty of rain sitting on the Verandah sipping coffee shall be a heavenly experience



A small kaavu inside the Property

Compound Wall

Safety and Security

Compound Wall on all 4 Sides

For total privacy and safety

Art Gallery on Attic

Art Gallery

For Art Enthusiasts

Climb upon to the gallery set up on the " Attic or Machu "(ceiling top) via a "Goveni" (wooden ladder) which has collection of paintings and antique pieces.

Meditation Area

Explore Yourself


Wooden Swing and Hammock

Enjoy the peaceful atmosphere around

Water Ponds

Ponds with Lotus and Water Lilly

Vegetable Garden

More than 100 varieties of flora and fauna

Dove cage

Cage for Dove and Myna

Water Streams

On both sides of the property